ᓃᒦᐦᑐ ᓃᒦᐦᑐ ᓃᒦᐦᑐ (Dance! Dance! Dance!)


Club SAW


Joi T. Arcand

Joi T. Arcand was the Nordic Lab’s inaugural artist-in-residence from October 2018 to September 2019. As part of her residency, she created a neon-sign installation for Club SAW titled ᓃᒦᐦᑐ ᓃᒦᐦᑐ ᓃᒦᐦᑐ (Dance! Dance! Dance!), which was inaugurated during SAW’s reopening in July 2019. For its reopening, SAW also commissioned a special-edition pin by Joi T. Arcand based on this neon work.