Many Moons



The online video concert series Many Moons features six groundbreaking musical artists from the National Capital Region performing onstage at Club SAW in an immersive “moonlit” set. This series reflects on live music nostalgia as well as the intimacy of performing in isolation, while celebrating and showcasing local musical talent. Each week from July 17 to August 22, a video concert will be premiered on the evening of a new moon phase, with the series concluding on the rare blue moon.


Saturday, July 17 (First Quarter):
Nick Schofield

Friday, July 23 (Full Moon):

Saturday, July 31 (Third Quarter):
Simon Provencher

Sunday, August 8 (New Moon):

Sunday, August 15 (First Quarter):
Silla and Rise

Sunday, August 22 (Blue Moon):
City Fidelia

Many Moons is produced and presented by SAW and Debaser, and supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition.