Nordic Lab

Opening in November 2021, the Nordic Lab is an initiative of SAW in partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts. A research and production space for artists from circumpolar nations, the Nordic Lab will be an integral part of SAW’s newly expanded 15,000 square foot centre in downtown Ottawa. In addition to programs in Ottawa, the Nordic Lab will forge collaborations and promote exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the North and the South along with partners in Scandinavia and other circumpolar nations.

In addition to providing a space for artists-in-residence, the Nordic Lab will be home to SAW’s educational programs, which will be geared in particular toward Indigenous youth. With established relationships in place, SAW is positioned to play a unique role in serving the Inuit community in Ottawa. The Nordic Lab’s new Annie Pootoogook Studio and workshop facilities will include digital workstations, screenprinting facilities and a large-format photography printer.
67, rue Nicholas Street
Ottawa ON  K1N 7B9